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A new home for Anthony

Before Anthony moved to his new home, he had lived in a large house, and since childhood he had lived with many other people. Often Anthony would say how much he needed a break and wanted to move out.

Anthony says he really likes his new flat, and thinks it is much better than his old home.   Anthony says it is nice to have his girlfriend living opposite him. Anthony and his girlfriend often help each other when they run short of milk or bread.

In Anthony’s old house the staff worked as a group all the time, and Anthony says he misses having them around. Now Anthony meets staff in his flat only, and for his own support needs. Anthony says some staff are new to him and he likes them.  

For now, Anthony is settling in to his new home and getting used to helping himself to drinks and lunch, independently of the staff. Anthony’s plans for the future are to see more of his friends who live in and around Barnet.


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