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Case study - staff member Tim Smith

Tim joined Self Unlimited in 2010, and works at our West Midlands hub. Here he tells his story.
West Midlands TV Studio

"For thirty-five years, my work was based around electronics in one form or another. I was a television engineer, and then taught studio production at Lincolnshire and Humberside University.

My wife works in social services, and at a networking event that she organised, we found out about the work of Self Unlimited, and its social enterprise, the Olive Tree bistro.

After talking to another staff member, and hearing about the structure of the organisation I became interested in working for Self Unlimited.

From my working, social and family life I understand the needs of people with a learning difficulty and have a creative and very active mind with the hobbies to match - ideal for day services to offer that little extra.

My interests include - TV Studio, Astronomy, Archaeology, Geology, Chemistry, Electronics, Music.

I enjoy learning in respect of these subjects and sharing and creating enthusiasm with other people that I can engage.

Working with people with a learning disability is challenging at times but I love a challenge and being able to infuse people with interesting subjects is extremely rewarding in exactly the same way that teaching is.

Being a parent of a person with a learning difficulty does give me an insight to her needs and aspirations and sometimes her thought processes."

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